Morning @ Angkor Wat

Was it worth getting up at 4.30 to see the sunrise at famous Angkor Wat?

Yes and no, to be honest. The main temple site is rather huge, the sunrise was a nice one, but seeing all those endless crowds of people going there… all doing the same, all taking those same photos from that same left corner… I don’t know.  It seemed too much. It somehow lost its charm. I know, i was one of those thousands of people myself but still…

What was for sure nice was finding a moment later in the back area of the temples, away from the crowds, seating down on the warm sun, and just being there…


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  1. ksenijaolmer says:

    A few hundred years too late to see it alone. Still a monument to human civilization worth seeing. Bayon temple is smaller and blissfully joyful. Worth getting up early and beating the crowds there. Hope you will like it better.

    1. Maja says:

      🙂 and of course I will follow the advice of my wise cousin, being a travelling guru 🙂

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