Days like back home in Brussels – almost


This past week was my last week here with CCDO and as the group of American volunteers has left, we made sure I got new tasks. Besides editing and selecting best photos for CCDO to have some of them hanging on the walls of their office, I also got involved in making-new-projects a reality, where all the business skills learned in all those past years are very much handy. Calling hotel managers and other potential partners, trying to get a meeting after they have already said no, going to a meeting, presenting a project, preparing the training, a power point presentation… At certain moment I was standing in front of a group of hotel staff, training them how to present their new partnership to their guests, where I had to use all my-in-the past-learned presentations skills.

I further did a photography workshop for English teachers and other Program coordinators and in parallel did my best to give some simple tips to sports teachers how to improve their sports program, how to mix various sports activities into their program and accordingly make their sports lessons more interactive and fun.

So volunteering is not just working with kids and spicing up their days and lives. There is the other side of volunteering as well, as you can see. It can be just as any other job.

Accordingly this last week reminded me very much of the working routine back home. Planning my day, trying to fit as many tasks into a day, rescheduling some activities according to priorities…. i was joking the other day that I am probably one of the rare short-term volunteers being a bit stressed and having a to-do list. 🙂

Same as in Brussels, I was also here cycling in the morning to the office, just just that instead of riding my mountain bike on paved roads, here I struggled how to concur bumpy and dusty roads with an old, for one dollar rented bike. Also here there is a rush hour in the morning, just that it is not caused by cars and more cars, but by hundreds of motorbikes.


Instead of in a business attire I was going to the office and to meetings in baggy pants and flip-flops. Such a cool feeling! I love it. 🙂 I also took a lunch break every day and went for lunch to a nearby local street restaurant. I even found my favourite one. But instead of paying like 7 or 8 euros for lunch, here it costs me like a dollar and half, with iced green tea included. Or I pay a dollar more to accompany my lunch with a coconut water from a fresh coconut.



And the main difference with working days back in Brussels: once in awhile I have an interesting company on my temporary flex desk 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ksenijaolmer says:

    Would be an ideal job if only the pay was better, huh?!
    But volunteers get paid in smiles!

    1. Maja says:

      🙂 and with appreciation

  2. Jenni Lipa says:

    The restaurant is a find! You were our most productive volunteer! We couldn’t have accomplished so much without you. Double pay when you return?💕💥😍💋💋

  3. Nataša Meglič says:

    Vidim, da si uživala!

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