Temples of Angkor – giving it another chance


It has cooled down here a bit for the second time since I am here (if you ask Cambodians it is really cold – and indeed, mornings and evenings are chilly), so today was a perfect day to visit the temple complex of Angkor again, after the disappointment I have experienced with my first visit. When I read some days ago that it is “the ultimate expression of Khmer genius” and that “is matched by only a few selected spots on earth such as Machu Pichu”, I had no excuse anymore but giving it another try…

My world-traveller-cousin was also very strict about how I shall not leave Siem Reap without visiting a temple called Bayon and I am telling you, you better not mess with her.

Bayon is known for its 216 enormous heads crawed into the stones of 53 Gothic towers and lies in the middle of “the last great capital of Khmer empire”, size of more then 10square kilometers; said in a simple way, it used to be a very large living city in the 13th century, where, as per Lonely Planet, humans and gods were cohabiting.




I guess it was just a question of time when my feet will get too itchy and I will climb on a mountain bike instead of keep on using the old city bicycle. And today was the day πŸ™‚


What I realised that I like the most is this freedom of movement and no agenda,Β  going at own pace, possibility to seat down and read a bit about what is around me, take as many photos I want and have a fresh mango when hungry…

It is so great to move around here in those countries as you doesn’t need to think in advance of taking snacks with, in case you get hungry, neither about having enough water, because guess what… if u r reading a bit my blog, you shall already know what will follow now… Fresh coconut, full of its “njami” water, can be found also here on almost every corner πŸ™‚


And regarding visiting the glorious Angkor Wat for the 2nd time? Hmmmm… still not for me. See the below photo and you will know what I mean by “it is just too crowded”. So maybe for next time, when I am back here again – and I then give it a try from another perspective –Β  with a helicopter πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


3 Comments Add yours

  1. nolmer says:

    You look gorgeous Maja!

    Yes I completely agree – I didn’t like the temples either when I visited. Maybe at one time it was holy but now, totally over run with tourists and over capitalized, ruining any part of it that was once holy.


    1. Maja says:

      Thx Naya. I am glad I am not the only one… i already felt wierd by not finding them as glorious as many people do…

  2. Ksenija says:

    Well I am glad someone is listening to my travel advice. My kids certainly aren’t. I mean really, you don’t know what it feels like to be old and realize you have missed some chance to see things in the world, because some idiots now bombed them to pieces or there is a war going on. So yeah, enjoy your coconuts but make the effort to also see the architectural wonders. Getting up really early and being the first when the gate opens before all the tourist have had their breakfast in the hotel is another option to avoid crowds in most places but not in Angkor Wat of course as lots of people get there for the sunrise.

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