Goodbye Asia …


After two months spent in Asia It is time to say goodbye and move one. It was an amazing experience and now I fully understand why so many travellers are heading to this region. It is safe, hassle free and easy to travel, with people being nice, easy going, smiling all the time and being calm and friendly. I think I can pretty much say for sure that I will be back. All I can say is thank you to all the people I have encounter for their generosity, friendliness and all those smiles they have shared with me.

By reflecting this last two months I am realising I have shared many stories and photos with you, my dear friends, but I am also realising that many of them stayed untold and not shared. Because sometimes every day brings so many new experiences and great moments and accordingly days are just too short to be able to share all.

I haven’t managed to tell you how to fit 25 people into a mini van with 11 seats with some live chicken in the back and then be part of this crowd for 4 hours. I haven’t manage to share the atmosphere of a private Cambodian party and how to avoid getting totally wasted, as the locals keep on wanna cheer with you and make you empty your glass full of beer all the time. I wish I had some time to describe how does it feel to eat chicken with ants (yep, ants, those tiny little red or brown animals, crawling all over) or taking a haircut without being able to explain with a single Khmer word how the lady shall cut my hair.

It would be great to be able to share the videos from the Cambodian social responsible circus Phare (free version of wordpress doesn’t support videos 😦 ) and the fun I had while attending the two cooking classes… Not to mention to tell you about some amazing people I have met on this trip… Like the guy who is traveling on a longboard!!! To one I have even been a nurse for a day, helping him clean his wound as a result of a motorbike accident…. But the day is slowly over, the sun is setting down and it is time to start getting ready for tomorrow, when I will hit the bus towards Bangkok International Airport… To catch one my few flights towards Dakar, Senegal.

But before I close down, let me share some further photos with you.

Speak soon, my dear friends!!!

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