Sunny vibes to everyone back in Brussels

Today was the day when I could finally take time again to write a post about my great time here in Dakar… but then in the morning I read about the terrible news from Brussels, city being my home for the last 4 years.

It feels wierd to blog about great moments and stories on a day when so many of my friends, colleagues and even family is shathered by terrible events happening throughout the city.

There fore all I wanna share today is some sunny vibes, meant especially for all of you back home in Brussels….to let you know I am thinking of you all, to simply distract your mind for a moment, to get your thoughts away from the terror you are currently being surounded with, for you to think of something nicer.

Please,  take care and stay safe! Even though I am far away, deep inside you are all very close to me…. hugs to all!20160322_151656.png

Roofs of Dakar


Evening view of the downtown

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  1. ksenijaolmer says:

    I woke up to these terrible news and was glad to know that you are in a safe place away from the terror. Isn’t it ironic to consider Dakar a safe place compared to Brusseles. Crazy world, indeed! I talked to your mom and dad today!

  2. Travia says:

    Thanks for thinking of us! Love to you you as well x

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