N’Gor beach: Start and the end of my Dakar experience

Four weeks later, also on Saturday, I find myself again on the same beach, on the NGor beach, one of the most picturesque beaches of Dakar. It is my last weekend in Dakar, before leaving up north to Saint Louise. It is interesting how on the first Saturday after my arrrival Mr. Samba (nice gentleman who picked me up at the airport) brought me here and how on the last Saturday of my stay in Dakar I also end up here. It feels like starting and ending my “Dakar-experience” on the same beach. 🙂 I realised this interesting fact only just now, standing on the same spot, observing the turquoise see in front of me and listening to the sound of the waves.

Life here goes on at its own usual pace as four weeks ago, pretty much everything is the same…. beach vendors are approaching tourists selling fruits, sunglasses, sandals, jewellery, second hand clothes, scarfs, basically almost what ever you think of… kids are playing with the waves, few tourists are catching the sun.

For me… a lot is different this time. Beside the fact that today I will not just observe locals climbing on the wooden boat called Piroque to go to the nearby island NGor,  but I will be among the passengers myself as well (to explore the tiny NGor island is the reason for today’s coming back here), I am also richer for sooo many new experiences and impressions but mainly, it no longer feels uncomfortable exploring the city by myself as in first days, the city no longer feels raw and robust as at the beginning, I with ease achieve the right price for the taxi ride, not to mention the fact that i know enough of basic french to get by and to even have some basic conversations (of course only if the other party is patient enough to wait few minutes for me to complete the sentance while searching a missing word in my dictionary  🙂 ).It was amazing four weeks! Was busy four weeks, which can be seen also by lack of blogging. 🙂 Many photos have been taken, many impressions and lines written in my mind, but somehow in the evenings when I would usually seat down to write my impressions, I would either end up having loooong dinner with the family I am staying with, either my energy level to write would be at its lowest level (anyone who did the intense full-immerson language class knows what i am talking about) or I would end up going out to learn also about the other side of Senegal….when music become commonly understood language 🙂 as I will do so tonight….

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