In my dear friend’s words:

“Maja did stuff. She got her first job abroad. She moved out of her country. She moved further to another country. She worked quite a lot… She changed a few jobs. Then she bought a flat. And got an extra degree. She dug deep into her soul. She assembled her Ikea furniture (few times), and she almost finalized choosing all the lamps for her apartment.

Then it was time for stuff to happen to her. Somewhere along the road on her travels. And then literally. Her life went upside-down. From one day to another. Big time. She had to say “good-bye” to the life she knew it, to pretty much everything she worked hard for. She had to start rebuilding her life from zero.”

This blog used to all about my 4-months long sabbatical journey 4 years ago (in 2016). 

It now became my personal corner on the web. A corner, where I am sharing with you insights into my adventures through life and through the world.

And hopefully, by doing so, also inspiring you, to go out of your comfort zone & do something unusual, something you have always dreamt of.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dule says:

    Upam da sem uspel se logirat ,če ne pa še poskusim.
    Lepo se imej in uživaj

  2. Silvija Jarnjak says:

    This is so wonderful! I love all the posts, pictures..nature…seems like a slave who got a freedom. Enjoy! Freedom is everything! Sending a big hug from Tuscany. Silvija

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