Goodbye Asia …

After two months spent in Asia It is time to say goodbye and move one. It was an amazing experience and now I fully understand why so many travellers are heading to this region. It is safe, hassle free and easy to travel, with people being nice, easy going, smiling all the time and being…

Morning at a Buddhist temple

One of the advantages of these types of travels, when one is not constantly moving around and hopping from one place to another, but staying longer in one spot, is that you get to know people a tiny bit better; let’s say enough for them to invite you along on a visit to a temple….

Evening calm

As everyone who knows me is aware, the evening is my time. I enjoy the warm rays of the evening sun and can never get tired of its charms. Today I could not resist taking these beautiful serene shots. There are many more on my phone, but I’ll save them for dark winter months in…

Not lost, but found

Sometimes when we are not searching for something particular, but we are just curious enough, we get to find and come across amazing hidden places… I found this one yesterday… and had that pier just for myself… It was another great day exploring the island with the motorbike.

Merry Christmas!

While I am enjoying a Christmas evening on the Skydeck of HCMC with a great view over the city, my Christmas and Birthday present arrrived as well! Now it is completely official!!! MERRY XMAS TO ALL